Pathways for Cal Grads and Accelerated Nursing Programs in California

From the Career Center Website:

There are two options for the student completing an undergraduate degree at Cal:

  • A Second Bachelor’s Degree – The BSN programs result in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (a second Bachelors degree). Some employers value the BSN degree as being very credible as the length and depth of the training is most like traditional four-year nursing programs. By the end of such a program, which may take two-three years to complete, the student is ready to take the boards (a test) for licensure as an R.N. and has a second Bachelor’s degree. Some Cal graduates have obtained the credible BSN degree in an accelerated program (12-13 months) and then move on to a MSN program.
  • A Special Masters Degree – The MSN programs designed for the student with an undergraduate degree in any subject often use the terms “accelerated” or “direct entry” in their program description. In these programs, there is often an intense curriculum in basic nursing coursework and clinical training at the beginning of the course of study, which prepares you to take the boards and be licensed as an R.N. while you begin your graduate work. At the end of the three or four years, you graduate as an R.N. with some experience and a Masters of Science in Nursing. Some Masters programs also prepare you to gain licensure as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, aCertified Midwife, a Clinical Nurse Specialist or a Nurse Practitioner. The State of California Board of Registered Nursing has information about initial licensure/certification for RNs and advanced practice nurses.

Traditional Masters of Nursing programs require that applicants have a BSN and be licensed as an RN. For the past decade, many direct entry programs have been developed for non-nurses who have completed a bachelor’s degree. Some have very few pre-requisite course requirements; others expect more extensive preparation. As the programs vary widely, you should read the website information carefully and ask any questions of the admissions office for the programs you are considering. The professional associations of nursing education provide information about all nursing programs. Programs designed for non-nurses with a bachelors degree appear at a variety of institutions; to date there is not a single website that lists such programs. Those most frequently considered by Cal students are good places to start your research into programs.

Other available options: (in bold)

(from Nursing School Preparation at UC Davis handout)

Junior College Traditional BSN Accelerated BSN BSN to MSN combined Entry-level MSN
RN license RN license RN license RN license in 13 months RN license
~2 years ~2 years (apply for 2nd degree and enter at the Junior level, approximately) ~12 – 18 months

very fast paced; designed for people with a non-nursing BA/BS

MSN in an additional 18-30 months ~ 3 years

most clinical programs also prepare you for NP exams

GRE required for most GRE required for most




Start Date
Specialties Offered

Azusa Pacific University


(626 )815-5386

MSN 9 sem (avg 3 yrs) Fall Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist & other

California Baptist University


(951) 343-4247

MSN 3 yrs Summer Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cal State Fullerton

(714) 278-3336

MSN 3 yrs. Fall Nursing Leadership/Clinical
Cal State Los Angeles
(323) 343-4700
MSN 3 yrs. Summer Nursing Admin., Nursing Edu., Case Mgmt., Psych/Mental Health CNS, & Pediatric, Adult, Family, Psych/Mental Health, Acute Care Pediatric & Adult NP

CSU Bakersfield

(661) 654-6347


*check Web site for Sum ’09 program approval status

CSU Dominguez Hills

(310) 243-3426

MSN 5 sem (20 mos) Fall Clinical Nurse Leader

CSU Long Beach

(562) 985-2201

MSN 34 mos Fall/Spring

CSU Sacramento

(916) 278-6525

BSN 15 mos Summer

Loma Linda University

(909) 558-4529


12/1 app due date start Spring

MSN 3-4 yrs 3/31 app due date start Fall; 9/1 app due date start Winter Adult NP, Family NP, Pediatric NP, Neonatal Critical Care NP; Adult & Aging Family CNS, Growing Family CNS, School Nursing CNS

Mount Saint Mary’s College
Los Angeles


BSN 12 mos May
Samuel Merritt
(510) 869-8984
BSN 12 mos

Start date varies according to campus location (check Web site)

MSN 37 mos Sacramento: Spring; Oakland: Fall Case Management & Family Nurse Practitioner
San Francisco State University
(415) 338-1802
MSN 2.5-3yrs Summer Generic MSN program, Nursing Admin, Public Health/ Community Nursing & Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park
(707) 664-2465
MSN 18 mos Jan

Certified nursing assistant course required; DEMSN program

Specialty: Clinical Nurse Leadership

UC Los Angeles

(310) 267-0330

MSN 2 yrs Fall Clinical Nurse Specialist
UC San Francisco
(415 ) 476-1435



3 yrs June Acute Care NP, Administration, Adult NP, Cardiovascular, Adv. Community Health & International., Critical Care/ Trauma, Education, Family NP, Gerontology, Health Policy, Midwifery, Occupational & Environmental Health, Oncology, Pediatric, Prenatal, & Psychiatric/Mental Health

University of San Diego
(800) 248-4873

MSN 3 yrs Fall Adult CNS, Adult NP, Family NP, Executive Nurse Leadership & Pediatric NP
University of San Francisco
(415) 422-6792


Summer & Fall
MSN 3 yrs Clinical Nurse Leader
Western University
Pomona, CA
(909) 623-6116
MSN 3-4 yrs Fall

Clinical Leadership & Management (3 yrs) &

FNP (4 yrs), Clinical Nurse Leader (3 yrs), Ambulatory Care (3 yrs)

(UC Davis Health Sciences Advising Handout)